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TARAZ is the name of a mountain in the lands of Bakhtiyari Tribe, one of the most ancient tribes residing in Iran.

TARAZ SAFAR TRAVEL AGENCY has been established in 2001 with the purpose of presenting Iran and word tourism services. This company is managed in family form. Family members of Shahni family. Especially Mr. Iraj shahni, are of forerunners in the field of aerial transportation and tourism industry. Iraj shahni has the employment record and of 35 years in IRAN AIR (Iran Homa national aviation co.).

Ms. Shiva shahni as the managing director of the company has the management record and experience in the tourism industry.

Her management record in this field is 15 years and holds entire technical and management documentations required in this case from university centers and international aviation companies member to International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Dr. Payman shahni is one of the other members of the Management Team of Taraz Safar. He was graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Tehran.

Family members are fully acquainted with the Tourism Profession and extraordinary interest in tourism, which is one of the stimulating engines of the company.

Dr. Payman works in the field of planning and coordination in case of wild-life Tours and Eco tourism such as Ski, Hunting and Bird watching.

In brief, our purpose in this agency is to introduce the Iranian culture in all fields including sociology, art, naturalism, ecology, music, and archeology to its guests in order to return their country with a pleasant memory while pleased with the offered services.

Iraj Shahni

Dr. Payman Shahni

Qatar Airways Certificate



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